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About Us

Al Meamar Al Hadeeth Trading L.L.C  located in Dubai, its rental services is popular across UAE. Having a large and ever expanding fleet of heavy/light equipment serves construction, oil & gas field and marine industry. Al Meamar’s   depth of technical proficiency, modern reliable equipment and any time backup service makes them the preferred supplier for hire in plant and machinery equipments.

Our fleet comprises a wide range of equipments ranging from , Diesel Generator , Air Compressor, Welding machine, Roller Compactor, Steel Bar Bending Machine, Power float, Concrete grinding Machine, Petrol Generator, Electrical Jack Hammer , Thread Machine, Aluminium Scaffolding

Our equipment can be readily mobilized to any location. With our highly experienced staff and skilled technicians, you can be definite that the equipment will remain consistent and well supported. We work for well reputed clients who prefer to hire equipments on regular basis. Our success is due to our aptitude in accurately interpreting our client’s prerequisite and helps in providing effective solutions with state of the art equipments and reliable technical services.

All our activities are based on putting our customer's needs first. ‘Customer First’ and ‘Safety First’ slogan is ingrained throughout our business and our aim to set industry standards when it comes to being innovative, adding values, providing excellent customer service and ensuring Health and Safety at all times.

Our hiring equipments are one of the latest and best maintained and we pride ourselves in providing the right solution tailored to meet the demands of our clients. Our reliable mobile service team of trained professionals provides 24/7 assistance to any service call and guarantee each customer the best in customer service from beginning to completion.

By providing exceptional values, the company has been able to constantly retain existing client base as well as attract new customers.


Our Mission

Provide our customers with exceptional service, quality equipment and supplies, professional training and assistance, and information technologies that help them succeed. Provide our employees with extraordinary challenges and fulfillment, and the opportunity to significantly enrich their careers. We are dedicated to giving our customers the widest range of choices, backed up by our commitment to exceptional service.